7 Kinds Of People You See At A Newspaper Stand

In a quest to be kept abreast of latest information, most newspaper stands are usually greeted with different categories of people.

A visit to any newspaper stand reveals same characteristics with people either seen discussing, deliberating or arguing on topics ranging from politics to sports. As a result, most vendors are usually not unfamiliar with these set of people.

  1. The Arguer: These sets of people are easily noticed by their loud. Intimidating and overpowering voice during a heated conversation among readers. They may not have the intention of buying from the vendor. No one ever wins them in an argument. Amazingly, some sets of the arguers are actually armed with lots of genuine facts, knowledge and statistics to back up their points. On the other hand, we also have some that argues without facts or knowledge.
  2. The Observer: These ones are the listeners who do nothing other than to listen, observe and divulge all information that flies out whether true or false. They are the quiet type that do not contribute to any topic but derives pleasure in paying attention.
  3. The Reader: The readers usually pay a token to the vendor to peruse a newspaper of choice. At a point, the vendor frowns whenever the time limit is being exceeded.
  4. The Buyer: Vendors generally take delight in these set of people because they only buy and leave the spot.
  5. The Onlooker: These ones are similar to the listeners. They usually appear lazy and jobless who has no idea or even interest as regards happenings and breaking news around them. They are the types that are easily swayed with false news.
  6. The Pickpocket: The pickpocket has no other job other than to steal from all categories at a newsstand. All they do is observe the careless ones and stealthy carry out their evil deed.
  7. The Job Seeker: These set of people usually have a pen and paper with them with the aim of copying e-mail addresses, phone numbers and job vacancies advertised in the newspaper.

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