Amazing spots to spend your Easter in Nigeria

Nigeria is indeed endowed with so much beautiful scenes, flora, fauna and interesting places that are worthy for the eyes to behold. Its status as the most populous black nation is complemented with a lot of spectacular and fascinating sites.

From Nguru in the North to Brass in the south to Igboho in the west and Imo to the east, every part of the country is blessed with incredibly enchanting beauty, pristine beauty and spellbinding natural wonders.

For your family vacation, we present some of the several amazing site attractions that can be visited.

Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nigeria. It is located in cross river state with its unique climate characterized with a very low night and day temperature. Amongst the attraction is the Africa longest cable car, the 100 meters high swinging canopy walkway


Tinapa is a business and leisure resort in Cross River State, Nigeria. The Tinapa Free Zone & Resort has facilities for retail and wholesale activities as well as leisure and entertainment.

It has an entertainment strip contains a casino, digital cinema, children’s arcade, restaurants, a mini amphitheater, a night club and pubs.

Yankari games reserve

The Yankari game reserve is located in Bauchi state, Nigeria. With an area of about 2,244 square, it is home to several wild animals and natural warm water springs.

It is a perfect place for holiday makers to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

Idanre hill

Idanre hills, located in Ondo state, Nigeria is another marvelous tourist destination. the hills are sets of steep-sided, smooth and dome-shaped inselbergs towering 3,000 ft above sea level.

Olumo rock

The magnificent rock formation is located in Abeokuta, Ogun state Nigeria as the name “Abeokuta” itself means “under the rock”. The site is strewed with natural tunnels, unusual trees, natural cantilevers, gardens on the rock and undulating pathways.

It has an installed elevator at the base for visitors that prefer not to climb.

Ikogosi Warm Springs 

Ikogosi warm and cold spring, located in Ekiti state, Nigeria in a valley. Its surrounded by a dense riparian natural vegetation.  Furthermore, the undulating topography of the area and the symmetry of the surrounding hills add more to the aesthetic beauty of the spring.

Osun Oshogbo grove

The Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove is a large cultural landscape located in an undisturbed forest of Osun state, Nigeria. It is a grove dedicated to the Osun goddess of fertility. It plays host to the annual Osun Osogbo Festival.  It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005

Old Oyo National Park

The Old Oyo National Park is one of the national parks of Nigeria, located in Oyo state. It covers vast area of land with diverse wildlife. It harbors the Nile crocodile, rock python and land tortoise.

The park is best visited during dry seasons

Erin Ijesha Water Falls

The waterfall located in Osun state and is renowned for its ambience and beautiful scenery. The waterfall is a whole new exciting and awe inspiring experience with nature.

Sungbo Eredo

Sungbo Eredo, is located in Epe, Lagos state and claimed to be Africa’s largest single ancient monument in sub-Saharan Africa.  It’s a 100 mile-long wall and moat whose construction is believed to have began a millennium ago.

Other remarkable sites include;

Ibeno Beach in Akwa Ibom State

Ngwo Pine Forest and Awhum Waterfall both in Enugu State

Arochukwu Long Juju Slave Route in Abia State

The Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke in Edo State

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach & Isaac Boro Garden Park both in Rivers State

Gashaki-Gumpti National Park in Taraba State

Alok Ikom Monoliths in Cross River state

Emotan Statue & the Royal Palace Of Oba Of Benin in Edo State

Sukur Cultural Landscape in Adamawa State

Queen Amina’s Wall in Kaduna State

Surame Cultural Landscape in Sokoto State

Oban Hills in Cross River State

Ogbunike Caves in Enugu State

Ancient Kano City Walls in Kano, Kano State

Coconut Beach in Badagry, Lagos State

Millennium Park & Arts And Crafts Village in Abuja

The Ancient Nok Settlement in Kaduna State

Kainji National Park in Niger State

Have you ever been to any of these destinations? Share your experience with us

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