How to have the Best Weekend (ever)

After a long week filled with days of hard work, you look forward to the weekend with so much joy and high expectations; it is almost funny seeing as no 48 hours flies by so fast as those of Saturdays and Sundays.

You end up seriously disoriented on Monday morning because you really can’t account for your weekend. How exactly did it go by so fast?!

Here are some tips to help you make the best of your weekend:

  • Take care of laundry and clean out your room.

Leaving dirty clothes to pile up for long will only give you a headache in the long run. It is best to tackle them as they come, same goes for your room. You end up with a cleaner environment and fresh clothes for the next week.

  • Sit for a few hours with your family

Except you live alone, you should spend some quality time visiting with your family. Catch up on family and “compound” gist. Weekdays are already spent running around to make a living. The weekends are perfect for shooting the breeze with family and loved ones.

  • Meditate, strategize and for the religious, go to church

Time spent looking inwards is very vital for growth. It makes you realize yourself and come out better. For the religious people, attending church activities and being in fellowship with the brethren is as important to your spiritual life as it is to your overall growth. It shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Sleep!

This is so important and it can’t be overemphasized. Take time to rest your body. E no be firewood.

  • Hang out with your lover/friends

Put on something nice and go out for some drinks and chops with friends. Enjoy hours of laughter and romance with your lover. These are the memories that will carry you through the week.

You can do more than these; exercise, read, wash your hair, watch TV but whatever you do, make sure it counts. No time to waste time.

You’re welcome 🙂

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