January Is an Unfortunate Child

January is doing a mannequin challenge. If not, why are we still in that month by this time of the year? Is like January does not know guys are broke and accounts are in red. January keeps giving snail a challenge.

There are close to 5 weeks in January alone, but my teacher told me four weeks make a month. Why is January different? Why do we have to keep looking forward to its end?

I meet people every day: inside the bus, on the road, in the street, at the bus stop, churches, restaurants, they all seem to wear a gloomy look; there seems to be a cloud of angst and depression hovering them. You can tell from their countenances that they are being weighed down by frustration and it is all about January.

Why is January such a pain in the ass?

It is just an innocent child who happens to be the first child of the year.

Blame it on December, the last born.

Like most lastborns, December is a spoilt brat. It throws tantrum when its demands – most time senseless – are not met. But we all want to appease that last child because we feel it’s still too young to experience the difficulties life throws at us.

December is a consumer, a lavish spender. December makes sure it takes every dime you have and you are left with nothing. So when January comes calling, we all assume a face of gloom and depression that tells a tale of lack.

January is an unfortunate child.

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