Orcs Vs Zombies – A Fictional Comparison

Have you ever imagined a battle between Orcs and Zombies? What binds the two fictional characters together is that they are both unintelligent, mindless and stupid.

Orcs have the brute strength but limited to hand weapons like axes and swords. While not super smart, they could be merciless, brutish, aggressive, and repulsive. Likewise, Zombies are often described as stupid undead creatures that charges forward with the aim of biting. Interestingly, whomever a zombie bites, the victim turns into a zombie after few minutes.

An Orc

In movies, they all look ugly and smelly with a quest for causing trouble. For Zombies, they are immune to pain but fears only fire. They also possess the Zombie virus which is spread by biting.  However, none of these characters exist in real life.

A Zombie

Several movies have featured both fictional characters. Orc movies includes; Orcs, Warcraft, The Hobbit (Battle of the Five Armies) and Lords of the ring. As well, notable Zombie movies include World War Z, Resident Evil, Warm Bodies and Extinction.

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