Resilience: An approach to handling strenuous situations.

You are not alone!

People determine how they react to difficult situations and this ability to deal with such problems in a calm collected manner is resilience. This ability to have a positive belief system is a skill anyone can learn. Ever wonder why you repeatedly see yourself as a victim and focus on things that go wrong? This shows lack of resilience.

Advance away.

Dealing with disappointment, obstacles and challenges of life affects our emotional well-being as a whole. Here are ways to adapt to a resilient lifestyle:

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  • Positivity: Learn to discard negative emotions. It’s a gradual process and it can be learnt. Your outlook on life should be a promising and upbeat perspective.Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson found resilient individuals and negative people do have an equal share of cynical emotions but resilient people rarely focus on the negative.
  • Fitness and health: This is recognized worldwide as a way to improve your emotional well-being and happiness. Routine workouts and a healthy meal plan would maintain your physical health. Gym, yoga and Pilates are good ways to oust negative emotions.
  • Malleable mind: Constantly learn from experiences and analyze a circumstance. Cognitive austerity is an enemy of resilience furthermore resilience is a choice. Choosing to confront reality whilst thinking on your feet are steps to emotional maturity.
  • Task-oriented: There are circumstances that can’t be changed these situations are usually out of your control and the ability to accept this makes one resilient. Transform a setback to good fortune.
  • Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem: List out your strengths also utilizing them would improve your resilience whilst admiring your qualities. Believe you can and you will. Be receptive to constructive criticism this would build your self esteem. Relinquish fault finding as no one is perfect.

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