Sango: Dawn of Thunder animated movie

Dawn of Thunder, based on the Yoruba god of thunder, Sango

Growing up, we watched a lot of animated movies, most of them were based on gods and myths of various cultures. From Hercules, to Mulan, Thor, Alaadin, Pocahontas, the Legend of Aang, etc.  Last year, in a bid to tell more world stories, Walt Disney took us to South America and introduced us to Moana the daughter of a Polynesian Chief and the demi-god, Maui.  It was so refreshing to see another culture introduced to the world through animation.

What is even more refreshing is the work being done by Komotion studios in Lagos, Nigeria. Komotion studios is on a mission “to unearth the best stories Africa has to offer, package them in a form that is universally acceptable using art and technology as tools and finally, deliver it to a global audience as entertaining content.”

Their project, an upcoming animated movie titled Dawn of Thunder, is based on the Yoruba god of thunder, Sango. In the short clip released on YouTube, a teenage Sango- dark, skinny, laced with the three slant tribal marks on his face was anxious about his future, he went to a Baba to tell him what is future would look like. There, the Baba told him his future; how he has been chosen as a vessel to carry out a civilization that has lasted for many years. He would be loved by many, feared by many, with lightening running through his veins and fire in his breath. His power would bring him so much glory which may eventually destroy him. How the story ends, depends on him. Sango would encounter the spirits of the land, the air, and the sea. He would acquire his signature double-aged thunder invoking axe. At the end of the clip we see a now mature Sango, his hair woven in corn rows, dressed in red aso-oke with beads around his neck. After killing the leader of a group of men who came to fight with him he asked the rest of them, it’s obvious you don’t know how I am, are you ready to find out? 

One exciting feature of  Dawn of Thunder, is the language it was done in. Instead of the usual English language,  the good folks at Komotion studios produced the animated movie in Yoruba and gave English subtitles for non-Yoruba folks to follow the conversations.

Although the animation is not perfect, we think Sango’s voice could be deeper, the Yoruba words should carry the Yoruba tone markers instead of being bland  like English words and many other fine tuning details. We are sure the good people at Komotion studios are doing all the work to make Dawn of Thunder an amazing movie. We are excited about the movie which will be released sometime in 2018, the series and the video game will be released in 2019.

Here is a clip of Dawn of Thunder.

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