Poll: Suya vs Kilishi

By Fehinti Ojelabi

Are any of these nighttime snacks your guilty pleasure? Suya could be more or less called beef on a stick whilst kilishi could possibly be just beef jerky to some, however i think its time to review them both side by side.


Suya is usually made fresh at night time with juicy tomatoes, onions and yaji pepper. You can find suya anywhere, street side or restaurant. Although it’s already spicy there’s always extra spice. The best suya is usually soft with fatty parts. Suya could either be chicken suya or beef suya. It is quite affordable and full of varieties. It can be added to anything!


Kilishi is a good snack but it’s unusually hard. No added spice, it’s spicy enough. The good ones are hard to find.

So which do you prefer? Suya or Kilishi?

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