The Death of TV Commercials

Growing up, TV Commercials were fun to watch. They had a story-line you can relate with and they had very good songs that easily stuck to your head. Then, when those commercials came up as interludes during news broadcast, we would drop whatever we were doing and cluster around the TV to mime or sing along. Those were the days when TV commercials were part of our daily life and were loaded with great messages.

What has happened to TV Commercials these days?

From personal experience, TV commercial these days suck. Everything is about graphics and special effect. You are likely to watch a TV commercial all your life and still not get the message. Is the era of a TV Commercial having a message it set to relay to the public gone? I didn’t get the memo.

I love to write for the screen. I love TV commercials and I want to make a name in that field. This is a dream I have been nursing long ago since I was that little boy who would not do his assignment until late in the night because I was glued to the TV for those commercials. The love for those commercials created a huge desire for me to make them in future.

Those days, I knew from the beginning to the end all the bits and beats of commercials like The Elephant Blue Detergent that starred ace Comedian, Zebrudaya, and a Hausa man; the Joy Soap advert about a beautiful table tennis player who is travelling to Paris; the Super Blue Omo advert starring a mother and daughter; The UBA Bank song “Wise Men Bank With UBA; the ST Soap song, The First Bank song; the list is endless.

These TV commercials in a way influenced and impacted some level of creativity in me and many of my contemporaries then. They were part of a beautiful childhood we love to remember fondly and with nostalgia.

The question is how many TV commercials can still glue itself to our subconsciousness like those of the yonder days? Few!

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