Top 5 fun activities to do in Lagos this long weekend

We all know Lagos can be a very stressful city to live in, but it also has its perks. Here are some fun things you can do in Lagos during weekends/holidays

Lekki Leisure Lake From Zip lining to Horse rides, Jet ski to Quad Bikes, this is the perfect spot for beach activities as a couple or with a group of friends. NO drinks or food allowed! Thankfully there’s lots of food,cocktails and non-alcohol drinks. 

Lekki Conservation Centre From canopy walks to exploring wildlife this is a once in a lifetime experience to enjoy. Beware of the monkeys and watch tortoises but the canopy walk is a journey we must take! The canopy walk is the longest in Africa.

Lekki Conservation

Empire Paintball Elegushi Grab a crew and paintball! it’s worth the thrill and excitement.With about 30 mins to shoot your targets and be safe too! Pellets may hurt after victory.

Bond with friends and family at the beach. It is a long weekend from Friday to Monday, spend time with your loved ones, visit a beach. There are several beaches in Lagos. Find a location suitable for you, your friends and family and have a picnic, relax and just be a family.

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Go carting at Get Arena 

Race with friends and family and you’d be surprised who wins.

GET Arena

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