Why being an Arsenal fan is utterly displeasing- you should leave this team! Sharp sharp!!

You should leave this team! Sharp sharp!!

By Fehinti Ojelabi

The thing about Arsenal fans is that they are so consistent and are hopeless believers in their team’s incompetence. They claim to know better but I guess they’ve made their choice. Better to stand for something than fall for anything. Although sometimes the gunners give us glorious moments like when they beat Liverpool 4-0 on the 27th of August 2017, but the moments of anguish always seem to overflow. However, the moments of anguish can’t terminate the undying love and support fans have for the Gunners.

The Gunners stability, class and history are very much sought-after but I can’t seem to pin point why they can’t seem to win more often. Some say they’ve adapted to mediocrity some say ‘Wenger Out’ some may even go as far as saying that there is no accountability but you can’t tell me their performance isn’t mesmerizing and compelling. A gunner’s match would leave your heart in your mouth. Here are some reasons:

Number 1: The owners are content as long as Arsenal remains a profit making machine especially with expensive season tickets. The downfall stems from financial politics.

Number 2: ‘Wenger Out.’ We can’t blame him but we can at the same time.  Wenger has managed Arsenal since 1996 and he managed to transform their boring style of playing, movement into something astounding. Not anymore, now it seems his skills are stale and his sauce has been lost. He needs to work on tactics or leave.

Number 3: Substitutes and Rotation. Why take 75 minutes to substitute? The substitution is usually done too late and players are underestimated.

Number 4: Transfer Market. Gunner fans are not in support because it’s gambling at the wrong time and it usually backfires. Tangible players are sold at crucial times in exchange for players that underperform which lead to poor performance and no achievements.

Number 5: Formation and Finishing. Arsenal players are very driven but are unable to use their strengths to their advantage causing the chemistry to frail away. Poor defense coordination and too many midfielders.

Players Chemistry: Zero leadership. They haven’t hacked how to utilize their strengths as a team especially when it comes to passing and tackling. They need to step up their game physically too. They need to also be tactful and not leave Wenger to all the thinking.

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