Young Nigerian Creatives you should Support

The art scene has become the most competitive it has ever been in Lagos. It has been inspiring the young to feel free to express themselves and do what they love. Here is a list of the hottest names in the Lagos art scene.

Niyi Okeowo

Niyi Okeowo.

This unique Graphic Designer has been building an incredible portfolio for a while now and his work stands out in the crowd. He has had many exhibitions . Currently in his 20s, has worked with Ndani Tv and Guarantee Trust bank.

Hand Painted Piece

Hazel Stones.

The young self taught artist paints on jean clothing and does custom art. Using Pop art styles she produces intense powerful images. Painting extraordinary, one coat at a time. Her works have evolved overtime and has been dedicated since she began this journey.


Jekein Lato-Unah

She won SME 100 most influential people of the year 2017 for her invaluable contributions to art,culture and crafts; She has really reached new heights for the art culture in Lagos in terms of abstract expressionism, nudism, mosaic and conceptual art. Through her art she has shown the true meaning of self and she is not afraid to be herself.

Abi Gbadamosi

Abisola Gbadamosi

This young feminist artist has sold a lot of her paintings to huge public figures like Yeni Anikulapo kuti. Her work has been placed in several galleries in Lagos like Nike art gallery and White space. Her paintings are usually astonishing as she uses water color to show how empowering women are.



The Abuja based artist paints and designs shirts, mugs and pretty much anything she can get her hands on. One self taught artist that appreciates nature and loves the process of transformation.Her prints are on shirts, mugs, plates, canvas and fabrics.

Tamar Ellah


The Canadian-Nigerian is very emotive with her paintings which are usually evocative and in some distorted form. She paints portraits of artists or nude women and occasionally does unique patterns as well as illusions.

Dennis Osadebe

Dennis Osadebe.

The thought artist combines abstract with minimalism and futurism using pastel colors. Also designs wearable art, phone cases and lighters. His work almost speaks to you from the future and gives you a wholesome feel to what he brings to the table.



Durotimi is well known for his caricature styles, he has worked for Snoop Dogg, Davido and MTVbase Africa. He creates funny caricatures in a scintillating way.

Morennike Ajayi


The newbie is still in university but her eye-catching works say otherwise. With her very radiant paintings she reflects the ideals of society. She uses very bright colors and hues in her pieces that would brighten your day.

Lakin Ogunbanwo.

Photographer based in the UK creates enigmatic pieces that represent African culture and styles. His images usually have renegade undertone. His images usually hide the facial details of a persons face but complements the structure of models face.

Zarnellia Gallery, 18b Prince Bode Adebowale

Femi Arogundade

Although previously based in the UK as an architect, he brought his magnificent pieces to Lagos to encourage young creatives such as himself and created his own space and gallery called “Zarnellia Gallery”. His work ranges from acrylic to oil to spray. His art pieces have more than one interpretation and reflect his values.

Rewa Umunna.

She turns Nigerian goddesses to pop art. Acrylic and ink paintings on cartridge paper. She is often inspired by West Africa and inputs her inspiration in her semi-mosaic paintings. This year she celebrated feminine identity at the Rele contemporary exhibition.

Machiavela Biodun

Machiavela Nolstnme

The Lady that turns everything to Gold. She is known for her exquisite paintings,  graphic designs and custom designs on bags. She also makes leather bags and magnificent leather fashion harnesses. Not only does she take her time to do what she loves, her collaborations are out of this planet like when she made chairs out of tyres. This very broad fine artist manages a bar in Abuja called “sueno” which doubles as a music studio, tattoo parlor, restaurant and creative art space. How enchanting!!

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