10 Smart Ways to Handle and Survive Mondays

There are many reasons why people dread Mondays. Sometimes it’s just the feeling of going back into a routine life that makes us feel like Mondays are the worst days of the week, unlike Fridays and the weekend where you can explore and have fun without worrying about work or school.

Here are a couple of ways to survive Mondays.

  1. Plan your Mondays in advance! Get your clothes and essentials ready the day before and go to bed early. Start with your favorite breakfast, pack your favorite lunch and plan something not in your routine. A walk in the park, go watch a movie or any other activity that you enjoy.
  2. There are scientific reasons why that first day of the working week always feels terrible. So it’s not you; it’s Mondays. Don’t add guilt to the rotten feeling.
  3. Groggy at the start of the week? Sleeping earlier the day beforehand could make a huge difference in your energy levels.
  4. Another way to get yourself psyched for the week is by listening to music. So put on your favorite playlists and get going!
  5. It might feel impossible to get up early to go to the gym, but it’s one of the best things you can do to get energized at the start of the week.
  6. You could also ditch the exercise equipment and find some super foods to help you power through the day.
  7. If you find yourself hitting snooze a lot on Mondays, there are extra steps you can take to make sure you get up in time for work. (Lifehack)
  8. Spending a little too much time on social media and not enough time focused on your responsibilities? Maybe you need a technology detox.
  9. You should take a page out of other successful people’s books: Do the hardest thing first to set the tone for a more manageable day.
  10. You can also move meetings later, email more carefully, or implement any other of these easy Monday fixes to get things rolling right.

Monday is what you make of it. So put some time in your weekend to setting it up to be as pain-free as possible.

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