How to deal with stress from work


Holding onto a regular job is a huge part of adulting. Apart from the feeling of fulfillment most people get from their jobs, the jobs also pay the bills. But working a regular 9-5 or any hours you keep to make ends meet can take a toil on the body leading to stress. So here are five ways to deal with stress at work

Caffeine, and nicotine– Contrary to popular opinions, caffeine doesn’t help reduce stress, instead drinks containing caffeine or nicotine will increase your stress level. Drink water, drink herbal teas or eat fruits, these will help your body cope better with stress.

More sleep- sleeping well at night is very essential in dealing with stress. If you have a good night sleep, your body will be ready to handle the day’s activities. Plan your time and make time out to sleep and rest especially during weekends

Exercise- This is a great way of reducing stress. Physical activities help to metabolise stress hormones. It is also good to take a walk in the middle of the work to clear your mind before returning to your desk.

Family and friends– It is also important to have family and friends outside of work. These could just be a community of people who share the same hobbies and interests as you. Having a life outside of work helps to relief the stress and anxiety that comes from work

Rest if you are ill– Do not wait until your body breaks down before you take time off. If you are feeling sick, ask for a day or two to just rest. Remember that if anything serious happens to you, life would go on without a pause. Your health first>


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