5 signs that shows you may be heading for a break-up

Breaking up pretty much sucks. Nobody relishes the thought that someone who once meant the whole world to you no longer does or no longer shares your feelings. sometimes,  the best course of action is to let go especially if the situation can no longer be salvaged or you are entirely over the relationship.

This is not a way of telling you precisely what to do, rather it is a way of showing you what you probably already know but you are still in denial. These red flags are to show you where your relationship is headed if you don’t do something to stop the imminent outcome or to tell you what is to come so you can brace yourself for it.

1. You just can’t stop fighting

You guys fight. A whole lot. No matter what, it seems like the two of you can’t even do the simplest things without it becoming a huge deal and turning into a heated argument that leaves you both feeling terrible at te end. You may need to consider how best to proceed.

2. You don’t trust each other

You don’t need a prophet to break it to you that if both of you lack trust for each other, always suspicious and waiting to catch your partner in a bad situation then your relationship is headed for the rocks.

3. You’re simply not happy.

Someone who is dating the right person enjoys the relationship and feels a general sense of happiness. It’s not that they won’t argue or have occasional fracas with their partner; even the healthiest couples do that. However, if you find yourself wondering whether you should break up frequently, and the relationship with your partner no longer gives you a sense of peace or happiness, then that’s a fairly clear sign that this may not be the best person for you. And those are among the reasons to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

4. You no longer make plans with him or her in mind

This simply means you have slowly been pushing your significant other out of your life psychologically. You no longer see them as a huge or important part of your life. If you are at this point, perhaps its time to let go.

5. You can’t figure out a way to work it out

One of the greatest reasons to break up is simple: you can’t come up with any other solution. This means that efforts to settle or resolve the issues plaguing your relationship have been futile. If you have exhausted all means of making things work out then It might one of the surefire reasons to break up with someone.

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