5 tips to avoid overspending this Christmas

December is the month of the Christmas/New Year holidays so with all the sales going on, concerts and fun events going on it is so easy to go over your budget. In addition, people also buy gifts for family/friends during the holiday season. Let’s not forget that after December, comes January, and we all know January has like 50 days in it.

So here are some ways to ensure you don’t spend all your savings during this holiday

Set a budget: this is the most important step. Set a realistic budget, do your mathematics properly. Take note of all the things you want/need to do, set budgets for them and you are ready to roll

Drop your ATM cards at home: We are fast becoming a cashless economy, especially in Lagos where everywhere you go there’s a POS for you to pay with. So when you see things you don’t really need, but you want them you are tempted to buy and pay with your card. But if your card is at home how is that going to happen? Leave your cards at home dears

Image result for christmas hampers NigeriaTake advantage of the sales: December is sales period so please take advantage of it. Prices will be slashed in half or even lower as businesses are trying to get rid of old stock and start again in January. This doesn’t mean you should splurge and buy unimportant things. Be frugal. Buy. Save.

Donate to charities: Take out those clothes you’ve said you’ll wear since January but it’s still untouched in your wardrobe, add some pre-loved items, donate to charities and people who have no clothing. Because it is the season of giving, and also de-cluttering your wardrobe will help you see how much things you buy that you don’t need. That way you spend better during the holidays

Gifts: Don’t be too eager to impress people with expensive gifts. Trust us, there are plenty of pocket friendly nice gifts you can give to your friends and love ones. Think out of the box.

Concerts/Events: You don’t have to attend all the concerts. There are only a few artists who’ll be singing live anyway, the rest will be doing DJ Track 2. So pick your favourites, and make sure you stick to your budget. January is coming!

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