5 ways to look and feel confident with your style

Nothing can rob you of your self-confidence than being under styled, ill-prepared for an occasion or appearing in shabby look.  If you need a little boost of self-confidence especially in the style department, then take this 5 simple ideas as guiding principles that are sure to help you feel much better and confident about your style and look.

1. Wear only clothes that fit

Wearing ill-fitting clothes is always uncomfortable and will show right through from your face to the way you will look. Take your body measurements as often as you can, so that you keep track of your body size and always shop for clothes that fit to help you have a variety of clothes that will make you feel better, comfortable, confident and look good.

2. A pair of comfortable and gorgeous heels

Studies show that women always feel more confident when they are clad in a pair of heels. Yes, that’s true. A pair of comfortable heels (in a colour you fancy) will always make you feel and look better.a

3. Tailored pieces are always magic

Tailored pieces are usually my favorite clothes in the closet as they are custom made for my body. This ultimately means you should invest in as many tailored clothes as you want. Make sure you get a tailor that also understands your style and taste.

4. Statement jewelery is a huge plus

Aside the fact that a statement jewelery makes you stand out, accessorizing will always make you feel good no matter the mood and the more you feel good about your look, the better your confidence.

5. Always wear the right colours

Know the right colour for your skin tone and learn how to match the right colours. Also, choose your colours according to your mood, and the rest will all fall into place.

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