6 makeup habits you need to drop

Most women who use makeup are prone to mistakes that might lead to some complications such as contamination of their products, skin irritation, acne. Here are some makeup mistakes you should avoid

1. Scraping excess product back into the bottle

We all know, quality makeup is expensive. We are all guilty of trying to save our favourite beauty products; foundation, concealer, face cream, moisturiser or primer. But it is not advisable to risk contaminating all of the entire products because of a few drops considering how much bacteria lives in the air and on your skin/makeup brush/etc.

2. Never washing makeup brushes

Just because there never seems to be enough time to wash them and dry them before you’re next gonna want to use them, yeah? Unwashed brushes are a haven of bacteria and you’re wiping them all over your face. You may soon begin to have pop spots and acne if you don’t begin to take care of your brushes.

3. Keeping makeup for years

Some people have lipsticks, powders, mascaras etc which are like three years going on thirty. Makeup also expires. That stubborn acne you are spending so much on might just be the result of expired makeup products. If you are not sure about your products ex[iration dates, see the shelf life each one below:

4. Never cleaning your makeup bag

Bacteria and dirt builds up in the bag over time and contaminates your beauty products and your washed brushes all over again.

5. Sharing makeup with other people

Even Makeup Artists are guilty as skin when it comes to this. It is probably not the most hygienic to use your friend’s mascara wand straight after she’s used it, and the same goes for lipstick, makeup brushes and everything in between.

6. Using samples in the shop

If you shouldn’t share makeup with close friends then sharing makeup with strangers in the shop is out of the question. Avoid ANY testers or samples or open products on the shelves. Powders are OK, lipsticks are not.

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