6 Movies you should definitely watch for movie night

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Ever had a little group of friends over for red wine, crackers and brownies but you literally had to rack your brains because of the pressure to entertain your guests with an over the top movie.  Good movies are scarce these days, it’s almost as if you are going on an ultimate search and but its best to avoid watching mediocre movies. No doubt there are more amazing movies out there but here are 6 suggestions:

Headshot (2016)

This Indonesian martial arts vivid action film is a must watch starring Iko Uwais. He plays a callous man with temporary amnesia who must battle brutal henchmen and a rival gang whilst trying to save the doctor that nursed him back to health. He also has to confront himself because of the amnesia and becomes anxious and only gets daunting flashes of memory. This film is undoubtedly Iko Uwais most exhilarating performances; his stunts are unbelievably sharp and lethal just like in all his other movies. Every jab, kick and flip shows relentless effort of a Silat expert.

Old Boy (2003)

I can assure you this South Korean mystery thriller about vengeance would leave you feeling dazed and amazed at the same time very traumatized. Although there is an American remake the South Korean one is better. Directed by the terrific Park Chan-Wook, who did justice to this immaculate film as he does with all his films like Lady Vengeance, thirst and joint security area. In this absolutely superb movie, a man after being imprisoned for 15 years in a cell with no windows and is constantly drugged, once he is finally released, he eats a live octopus and goes on a search for the man who imprisoned him.

No Country for Old Men (2007)

Javier Bardem plays a blood thirsty psychopath on the loose killing people with an ordinary oxygen tank and is also a hit man looking for a satchel of 2million dollars cash. The very intriguing storyline plays out ruthlessly. The intense scenes are very disturbing as it shows a serial killer whose fanaticism goes beyond his obsession of an assassin for hire.

The Accountant (2016)

The unassuming crime thriller original is one of a kind. Ben Affleck plays a savant that cooks up tax relief for bad guys but doubles as a freelance accountant but soon discovers a discrepancy involving millions of dollars. He is very precise with his calculations and panics when he is unable to complete them. The narrative follows a very well constructed sinuous pattern and beats your imagination.

Natural Born Killers (1994)

The satire film which was written by Quentin Tarantino but directed by Oliver Stone is one captivating thriller about a young couple Mickey and Mallory. They accepted their criminal nature and were notorious for cross country killings but always left one person alive to tell the tale. This film is not for the faint hearted as it’s absurdly savage and barbaric. After dozens are dead they are finally captured and sent to the jailhouse. This is where it gets nastier; they are then interviewed in prison and broadcast it live on television. Mallory and Mickey manage to convince all the prisoners they were born to kill.

Seven psychopaths (2012)

Let’s just say one should never kidnap a gangster’s Shih Tzu. This enormously unconventional dark comedy is well executed and full of a rich acting by an ensemble cast. A Hollywood writer who is in turmoil becomes entangled in a criminal underworld with psychopaths after his friends kidnap a Shih Tzu. Long story short it is serial killers killing child killers. Extremely fascinating.

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