7 ways to keep your family warm this rainy season

The rainy period is not the favourite season of many Nigerians; because everywhere is wet and cold. One might be craving to remain indoors, but you can enjoy the season with your family if you learn to stay dry and warm even as its raining, pouring and splashing all around.

1. Always have an umbrella with you: You should at least make sure there are enough umbrellas in your home. Umbrellas help you to go anywhere even when it seems to be raining cat and dogs. You should also keep several umbrellas in your car as it makes it easier to be ready when stepping out with your family into the rain.

For ladies, you might have forgotten your umbrella but you must keep your shower cap with you to prevent rain from entering your hair.

2. Never make the mistake of leaving your windows always open: It is so much certain you have always wanted to remain warm and dry, but in the event when your children had fun and threw the windows open, you soon start feeling cold. It is another easy access for a rainy breeze to penetrate into your household. So, ensure that your windows are locked or better still kept partly ajar with a mesh net preventing heavy poor of rain penetrating into your home.

3. Step out with the right clothing: Get sweaters, raincoat, muffler and socks because wearing the right thermal clothing will keep you dry, warm you up and create that soothing effect of lukewarmness that you will always want during this period.

Also, Wear fast drying clothes for this season. Put on clothes that will dry up in no time if you are drenchedd by rain so your day will not be messed up as wet cloth can cause embarrassment.

4. Keep your feet dry always

Wear high rubber boots if you stay in a waterlogged area to keep your feet away from the murky water so that you don’t get ill from cold feet. You should also avoid long sweeping dresses during this period so as not to get your clothes splashed with mud.

5. Keep your children warm: You can’t tell if the rain will fall when your children are in their schools or anywhere else. To prevent cold from getting into them you should ensure they go around with their sweaters or cloth that can keep them warm this season.

6. Get a warm water flask: You have to remain cool and warm even when the temperature is getting too colder than you expected so, having a flask with warm water ready will help keep your body temperature from dropping extremely down to that point when you start shivering.

7. Drink plenty of hot tea: Drinking the right blend of tea nourishes your body than you think. Tea serves you well during cold rainy weather. You can go for label or green tea, some blend of coffee will do your body some good or probably hot cocoa, the bottom-line is just that you keep yourself warm against the cold or drizzling weather.

When you keep warm during chilly cold weather you have just kept yourself from being numb with cold and probably save yourself from another trip to the hospital.

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