8 Asa classics you should have on your phone.

Asa is returning to Lagos in December, this isn’t for another #AsaliveinLagos concert but still, it’s Asa!

To refresh your memory of her ever green collection, here are eight songs by the singer and songwriter we think you must always have on your phone.

Asa has 3 albums Asa, Beautiful Imperfections and Bed of stones. These albums have gained worldwide recognition and has won several French Music Awards and Headies. Asa makes music in such a non generic way that soothes the soul.Every single track is unique from the other and each of her videos have a precise aesthetic to it which is simply a breath of fresh air.

Here are 8 songs we feel you may like

Beautifully seated

Bibanke.  This classic hit is a worldwide track that makes one emotional in its purest form. She sings in English and Yoruba and sings about the highs and lows in a relationship. This song brings one to tears and calms the soul almost as though she’s speaking to you personally, telling you everything will be okay.

Satan be gone. (SBG). This powerful track from the Bed of stone album has over 100K views on sound cloud. It is almost as though as she is driving to her demons out, some could say it could pass as a religious track.

Jailer. This is one of her most played songs with over 2 million views on YouTube. She usually performs it while playing the guitar. This song from her first album Asa co-produced by Cobhams would give you goose bumps at any time of the day.

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Fire On the mountain. This song depicts the state of Nigeria. Using metaphors Asa paints a picture of how Nigerians live normal lives amidst of chaos. This is her most played track with 3million views on Youtube. This song alone could make you a dedicated fan because it speaks volumes.

Why Can’t we. From her album beautiful imperfections with over 1.8 million views on Youtube.  This track makes one happy almost instantly and gets you bubbly.

Be my man. Asa’s enormously rock-tinged single absolutely uplifts your mood. It has hints of 1960s soul without a melancholic feel Asa usually gives off on her singles and has got over 2.5 million views on Youtube.

Eyo. A tribute to Lagos, about coming home which unfolds the love she has for Lagos regardless of the daily hassle Lagosians experience. This also comes from the 2015 album Bed of stone. The video alone deserves awards because it brings out color amidst chaos.

The way I feel. Produced by Danie van der Heever from Beautiful Imperfections album with over 600k views on Youtube.  It has such a melancholic euphoric feel that connects you to the artiste.

AweThis was the opening song at the last Asa concert in Lagos. It was one of Asa’s best art- she introduced us to her melancholic storytelling so that one who doesn’t understand Yoruba would mourn Waheed- the subject of Awe- he didn’t die, he is just in trouble.

Ba mi dele- This is from Beautiful Imperfection and it is Asa at her best- story telling with great melancholy and amazing tunes.

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