8 scenarios you only see outside Lagos

Lagos, the commercial capital and second most populous state in Nigeria is so much unlike other states in all ramifications. As a result, a typical born and bred Lagosian appears puzzled when she visits another state and experiences the following scenarios.

  • People Walking Unhurriedly On The road. A Lagosian on a visit will find it difficult to relate as the opposite is the reality on Lagos roads. An average Lagosian always appear to be in a hurry most times as it reflects on their briskness while walking on the road either for official or unofficial trip-purpose. Trying that on Lagos roads may attract physical nudging and poking from people around you
  • Cheap House Rent: This is another scenario that often baffles a visiting Lagosian. An average Lagosian spends bulk of his income on housing. It is worth noting that housing cost in Lagos is one of the highest in Nigeria as it prides itself as a megacity primarily because of its unique geographical location which serves as a hot cake for real estate investors.
  • Cheap Foodstuffs: Most markets outside Lagos sells foodstuffs at a very cheap price. This is not surprising since most of the foodstuffs are brought in from Nigeria’s hinterland. As a result, a visiting Lagosian will always love to buy as much as possible on a return trip. It is usually not very difficult to identify a Lagosian in a market outside Lagos.
  • Cheap Transport Cost: Today, with as little as 20-50 naira, a trip of about 3-4 kilometers can be made of which same trip distance can go for about 200-500 depending on the time of the day.
  • Cultured Driving: A visiting Lagosian may find the level of driving orderliness in other states unfathomable. A typical Lagosian is used to the usual hustle, bustle, car horns, danfo and okada menace.
  • Absence of Traffic Jam: You hardly encounter traffic jam in other states except due to bad portion of the road which still cannot result to tail backs as experienced in Lagos. Although, it is very easy to attribute this scenario to the high population and commercial activities that goes on in Lagos.
  • Comfort in Assessing Public Transportation: The comfort is frequently experienced from the process of flagging down a taxi, boarding, payment of fare and disengagementThere is an un-existing culture of struggling to board a vehicle or running after a vehicle.
  • Furthermore, you don’t have to wake up 4am for a business meeting slated for 9am while away from Lagos. However, it doesn’t take away the goodness, fun and dynamism of Lagos State. The list is endless. You can add yours.

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