Benefits of having a First Aid Kit in your home

One wrong step on the stairs or a collision in the kitchen can result in a sudden, painful injury. Though we must put all efforts into implementing preventive measures that can lead to injuries or medical situations, the probability of accidents occurring may not be however eliminated totally.

It is possible to limit the severity of injuries when they happen. You need to be prepared to act quickly and have access to a well-stocked First Aid Kit. A first aid kit is more than just another household item, here are the benefits of having a First Aid Kit in your home:

1. To Give Necessary Aid Before Medical Help Arrives

First Aid treatment is not meant to completely cure anyone who got an injury, accident or medical condition. Instead, it is to apply basic treatment to the victim before medical help arrives. A First Aid kit equips one for a medical emergency to remove the injured person from danger list until adequate and required medical help can be accessed.  Ensure you check your first aid kit regularly and replace any item as soon as possible after you’ve used them.  More importantly, check that everything is within its expiry date.

2. Reduce infections

Though you may not always be able to keep your family from getting hurt but you can always protect them when they get injured with a First Aid Kit. Applying necessary First Aid treatment from open wounds to injuries can reduce the severity and help to reduce the risk of infection of the  injury thereby preventing a simple or severe injury from becoming a chronic problem.

3. It can be a life saver

First Aid Kit at home gives you the confidence and ability to react immediately to an incident – injury or illness. More often than not, many lives have been saved due to fast reaction and aid given during critical and life-threatening injuries or health complications.

4. Reduction of recovery time

Quick response to illness or injury before medical help arrives does not only save lives, it can also reduce the recovery time of the victim.

5. Prevent excessive blood loss

Having a First Aid Kit available can give you the necessary medical supply you need to clot the bleeding from a sever or deep cut before a proper medical help becomes available.

The items in a first aid kit become an invaluable support to victims in emergency situations before medical help arrives. All homes should endeavour to have them and also make them easily accessible to everyone in the home.

In all, when in doubt about adding First Aid Kit to your homes, remember that it’s always better to have something and never need it, than to need it and not have it on hand.

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