Benefits of Tiger Nuts

This food item is a snack that is so popular but not as well known as it would have liked to be,  if it was a person and had opinions. From ‘Aya’ to ‘Ofio’ to ‘Aki Hausa’, it is called everything except its real name – Tiger Nut.

Can you even blame anybody? For something readily available for as low as N20.00, we can afford to see it finish.

Tiger Nuts are not actually nuts; they are tubers that grow beneath the soil. They are interestingly known in other parts of the world as Yellow Nutsedge, Tiger Nutsedge or Earth Almond.

Tiger Nuts have been around for a very long time and is very popular especially around the western hemisphere. If you happen to be in doubt, all you have to do is take a walk to the bus stop closest to you and see for yourself.

Why are they so popular though? What goodness do they add to the body, you might ask?

  • Tiger Nuts are rich in fiber. Packed with around 33% fiber, they are a more preferable source of dietary fiber (60g dietary fiber content is present in Tiger Nut flour) than choices such as rice, oats, apples and so on.
  • They are rich in vitamins E and C. Feels good to know you don’t need to run to oranges and all the fruits in the citrus family whenever you need a dose of C, right?
  • Milk derived from Tiger Nuts is a healthy option for those who have troubles digesting cow’s milk due to their lactose intolerance.
  • Since Tiger Nut is rich in vitamin E, it offers protection against cardiovascular diseases. Why? The Office of Dietary Supplements of the National Health Institute has stated that vitamin E acts as a catchall reference for different fat-soluble compounds that are rich in antioxidant qualities.
  • The high insoluble dietary fiber present in Tiger Nut flour regulates blood sugar levels and helps diabetic patients remain healthy.

There are a gazillion benefits of Tiger Nut but the ones listed above should give you a good idea of its worth. So the next time you see a Mallam with the wheelbarrow full of nuts in your neighborhood, holla at your boy.

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