Birthday Shoutout: Sade Adu at 59

Here are 5 facts about her

The name Sade Adu comes with some fondness. Memory has a way of associating serenity with Sade Adu especially when you listen to her evergreen tunes. Sade Adu, to the generation past and present, is a definition of beautiful soul that reels out blues to keep the heart at peace. Romanticism best describes her entirety. Time after time, she embodies the postal girl for easy listening and music that heals the heart of emotional ills.

Today, 16th of January, Sade Adu clocks 59 and the world celebrates a musical icon whose impact on both the present and past generation remains indelible.

Here are 5 facts about her

Sade Adu started out as a fashion designer. Yes! Before she delved fully into music, she was designing cloths for men and she was so good at it.

She had a stint as a model. Of course, she has got the body. A typical made in Naija body.

She started her music career as a backup singer for a band called Pride in the Earth in the 1980s. Her talent and sweet voice attracted record labels managers to single her our, and she separated from Pride in the Earth to form her own band called Sade, and the band was signed by Epic Records.

Her debut album titled Diamond Life sold over 6 million copies, becoming one of the top-selling debut recordings of the 1980s, and the best-selling debut ever by a British female vocalist.

In 2010, Sade won the most prestigious music award on earth, the Grammy Award with the her tenth album Soldier of Love

Sade Adu is credited with influencing the musical genre of neo-soul and achieving success in the 1980s with songs that featured a sophisti-pop style, incorporating elements of soul, pop, smooth jazz and quiet storm.

Some of her songs include Sweetest taboo, No Ordinary Love, Smooth Oprator, By Your Side, Your Love is King, Soldier of Love, King of Sorrow and so many timeless songs.

Tell us what Sade Adu song you love most.

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