Creating family moments in 5 simple ways

Most meaningful moments in our lives are those that we share with our families. Treasured memories are created by celebrating, sharing and embracing the moments of life with the people we love.  sometimes, especially when as adults you have tight schedules, there is the tendency to take family times together for granted or ignore them completely. This does not bode well for the needed connection that is needed by family members.

To rectify the situation or to make sure they don’t come up, here are some ideas on how to create moments with your family that injects creativity and love into your everyday actions and experiences.

1. Play All Day

Have fun, play games, get competitive, make teams and enjoy each other’s company. From puzzle-making to card games, to badminton, there’s no limit to the list. There are a lot of games your family can play together.

Find something that you love, and make it a tradition. Friday night can become Scrabble or Ludo night. Pop some popcorn, and let the games begin!

2. Read together

This teaches kids that books are not only a source of education, but also of pleasure. Doing this helps you learn, have fun and bond.

3. Cook and eat a family Meal: The kitchen is the symbolic heart of a home, the place where everyone comes together to smell mouth-watering sauces and meals, listen to natural gists, and of course taste the delicious meals.

Give everyone a task to do and enjoy the moment especially when you come together to enjoy the meal.

4.  Have a Family Movie of the Week: Alternate between “parents pick” and “kids pick” to choose your film — and don’t forget to throw in home movies occasionally for a special treat! Set the mood with theme decorations, lowered lights, snacks and let everyone enjoy the movie.

5. Pray as a family: If yours is a religious family, praying together daily bonds you and makes sure that everyone is in one room at the same time at least once daily.

6. Hang out at a fun spot together Choose to go out to the beach, park or cinema once in a while during weekends. These will create memories that may never be forgotten.

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