Why you should never give up on your dreams- Okolie Samuel


In the year 2013, I graduated from secondary school, Apapa Senior High School precisely, as a science student. May 13th this year made it 5 years since I passed out of secondary school. Due to financial difficulty and some other reasons, I have not gone to the university. However, I have not give up on that dream and I am not going to give up on it.

Some of my classmates then are already in their final year, some entered last year and some are yet to enter just like me too. I need to mention that, but I also understand that we don’t have the same time zone. Our time zones are different.

Some people find it hard to believe, when I tell them or when they discover that I have not been to the university, that I’m just an ordinary O’ level holder. More often than not, their surprises is how come I can write and speak so well and do some other things I’m doing.

Fortunately for me, I came to know Jesus at the age of 17(it’s very critical to know the Lord early in life-Ecclesiastics 12:1) and as God will have it, some people started coming my way. These people helped me a lot. They introduced me to the University of Self Development and I enrolled as a lifetime student.

I began to develop myself (I’m still in the process) through reading books, listening to audio messages, watching videos, attending seminars, connecting to some mentors etc.

This experience helped me to understand that school is not the only place you can get education. You can develop yourself in the University Of Self Education (Development) even without going to school.

Michael Faraday had only 2 years formal education yet the impacts he made will be felt till eternity. He’s the Inventor of that  thunder stuff. Thunder would have being doing us anyhow if not Michael’s invention.

Isaac Newton also had 2 years formal education. He taught himself how to read and write. He discovered the law of gravity. In aerodynamics, this law has been of great importance.

Michael and Newton enrolled themselves into this prestigious university. Today, the world is enjoying the fruits of their labours.This is to tell you that you can actually become something in life even without a formal education. You don’t have any excuse to be a failure in life!

Now, this is not to discourage anyone from going to school. Bro, go to school, it is very important and critical, if you have the opportunity to.

I’m not yet the person I should be but I’m no longer the person I used to be. So, this year I planned to further my education to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications I need for the things I want to do in life. Not that the money is available but I have to do the things I can while I wait and hope for money and support.

Remember, I graduated as a science student but the course I’m going for is under Art. I have to rewrite my O’ level exam in Arts. So, on 1st of March this year, I enrolled in evening class to relearn some stuff I’ve forgotten and learn new things too.

The first day I started this evening lesson, I taught I was the most senior in the class from the look of things. In fact they gave me a nick name immediately “Bros!”

The second day, I saw a woman. Initially, I taught she was coming to take us on a class, no I was wrong. She came for the lesson too! This woman I’m talking about is older than my mother. If I should guess her age, she should be in her late fifties or early sixties. The students call her mama.

Probably, she wants to further her education after so long a time. Undermining her age, the shame and the troubles each day comes with, mama will come to lesson and sit with students that should be her grandchildren taking lectures! This woman inspires me so much and she is the one that inspired this article.

Listen to me somebody, you don’t have any excuse to give up on your dreams, not your age, background, lack of education, money etc. If mama can still hold on to her dream of going to school in her late fifties or early sixties, YOU DON’T HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

What’s that dream(s) you have given up on and abandoned and dust has covered it? Now, pick it up, dust it and go on to give it a shot again, no matter your age, no matter how long it takes you!

Dreams don’t have an expiration date. Whenever you wake up, no matter how long it takes you to fulfill it don’t give up on it. Mama have not given up on her dream, I’m not giving up either and you should not give up!

Look at the picture attached to this article, his disability could not stop his ability, could not stop his dream. He is living and fulfilling his dream, why can’t you also? What excuse do you have? Stop giving excuses they are not good enough. Don’t give up!

Thanks for reading.

#Dreams #DontGiveUp© Okolie Samuel

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