#Verses: All I ever asked for – Janet Udogu

Clothes rustle, bed cricks, guttural moans

curiosity. I pushed the door open

Two shapes under a duvet

must be the wrong house

I apologised, made to leave

but wait! Didn’t I let myself in?

must be a dream then

I turned to leave

A scream, a voice familiar

I looked back

A figure fled past me

Lucky I was not knocked over

Another surfaced, butt naked

I forgot to breathe

Wake up! Wake up! You’re dreaming

Alas! ‘Twas no dream

Alas! I’ve been living in fantasy

I thought she was fine

I worked so hard for her, our children

Provided anything, everything

Perhaps I was carried away

Perhaps I got it all wrong

I fed her once in a while

She never complained

Didn’t know she wanted more

I left her hungry

I made her vulnerable

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