Facts you should know about Ebonyi state, the salt of the nation- Ifunanya Okemiri

Ebonyi state is one of the new six states created in 1996 by Gen. Sani Abacha. It was carved out of Old Abia State and old Enugu state.

Ebonyi state has a huge salt deposit at the Okposi and Uburu salt lakes

Ebonyi state has some of the most hardworking farmers in Nigeria. The fertile soil in the state enables farmers to produce crops including rice, yam, palm produce, cocoa, maize, groundnut, plantain, banana, cassava, melon, sugar cane, beans, fruits and vegetables. Fishing is also carried out in Afikpo.

Ebonyi state enjoys luxuriant vegetation with high forest zone (rain forest) in the south and sub-savannah forest in the northern fringe.

Ebonyi state there are some wonderful places like Abakaliki, Afikpo, Amasiri, Edda, Ikwo, Ishiagu, Nkalagu, Okposi, Onicha, Onueke, Uburu, Unwana. There are beautiful sand beaches at Unwana and Ndibe. The two beaches are part of extensive scenic golden sand beaches along Cross River basin. They are ideal centres for relaxation, sunbathing, swimming, sport fishing, canoe-racing, and yachting.

The Amanchore cave is located at Etiti in Amanchore-Edda in Afikpo-South LGA of Ebonyi state and its height is about 3m with multiple narrow tunnels, which extend to different directions. It is accessible through Abakaliki to Afikpo, Ngusu and Mile 2 along Akaeze/Ngusu roads (about 140km and 76km from Enugu and Abakaliki respectively). Other caves are Mkpurukem, Akpha, etc.

The Fati Abubakar amusement park is located adjacent to the golf course along Ezza road, Abakaliki. Beautifully built in the traditional culture of Ebonyi State, the park provides a place for amusement and relaxation for children and adults.

The green lake in Ebonyi state served as a leisure and relaxation centre for the colonial masters, it is upgraded with modernized facilities which make it a tourist haven.

There is a market in Ebonyi state that is called the slave market in Ezza-South. This market route was where slaves were traded before being moved to places for trade during the slave and intertribal war years.

There is a Spectacular Natural Rock Formations in Ebonyi state, Akpoha. These rock formations at Akpoha in Afikpo-North Local Government Area are one of the beautiful landscape figures appreciated.

There are two universities in Ebonyi State, in addition to several Polytechnics and colleges of education.

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