Fit-Fam Routine For A Healthy Lifestyle

The importance of eating right can not be over emphasized. Eating the right meals isn’t enough too, it must be supported with a least 15 – 30 minutes exercise every day in order to live a long and youthful life.

If you go on the Internet, you will see all sorts of work out routines, from squats, to jumping ropes or a simple advice on how taking a 15-30 minutes walk daily can elongate your lifespan.

Achieving a long life is beyond wishful thinking, you have to work the talk. Other benefits of exercise asides having a long life includes

  • Happiness:

Taking in fresh air as you walk helps you think and appreciate the little things you have around you. Consequently, gratitude begins to breed happiness.

  • Weight-loss

Obviously, having an exercise routine doesn’t just stop at making you happy about yourself. You shed some weight in the process which is a good thing because it gives you a boost of confidence you need.

  • Increase Energy Levels:

Trust me when I say I have seen this work out first hand! Exercise helps extra energy to kick-start your day. So, if you woke up feeling tired, or just “not in the mood”, a 10 minutes exercise routine is might just be what you need to get going for the day.

Personally, I start my exercise the minute I step out of the shower; I start off with some stretches, followed by any other exercise I have planned. I feel great and fit right after.

  • Healthy Skin:

A little bit of exercise helps to add that extra glow your skin needs to radiate and look youthful.

Check out this info-graphic (image) below for a simple but key ingredient to have a healthy lifestyle.

There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset. Arlen Specter

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