#WomanCrushWednesday: The amazing MD of Flying Doctors Nigeria- Dr Olamide Orekunrin

Our Woman Crush this week is the amazing Olamide Orekunrin, a British-Nigerian medical doctor who established Flying Doctors Nigeria, to improve medical services in Nigeria.

Olamide was born in London. She graduated from Hull York Medical School at the age of 21, making her one of the youngest medical doctors in the United Kingdom. After graduation, she worked with the National Health Service (NHS) for 10 years before she established Flying Doctors Nigeria.

Olamide was motivated first because her sister died under difficult and also because she wanted to improve medical services in Nigeria. Flying Doctors Nigeria was established in 2007 and since then the organization has grown to include 20 aircraft and 44 doctors who can deliver care en-route to one of Nigeria’s hospitals.

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In addition, Flying Doctors also offer their services to major events in Nigeria as well as offering insurance to wealthy companies and families in the country. Dr. Olamide is a firm believer that Nigeria can only be improved by entrepreneurs and not government/charity aids.

For her work at Flying Doctors, she has received several awards and recognition. In 2012 she received ThisDay Awards (Contribution to Health in Africa) 2012, The Future Award as ‘Entrepreneur of the year 2012’,and in 2013 NewsDirect Awards as ‘Outstanding Female CEO of the Year 2013’. In February 2018 she received “Extraordinary Business Achievement Award” at the Silverbird Group’s annual award held in Lagos she became the youngest person ever to win the prestigious award at age 30 and the only woman in the last decade.

Dr Olamide has lectured on entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is also a TED fellow and has been honoured by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a Young Global Leader.

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