Secret to my long shiny hair- Ifunanya Okemiri

Everyone wants long shiny hair, here are some of the secret recipe I use on my hair.

First of all don’t compare your hair to other peoples hair because if you do you will keep that in mind and that will make you want to give up on trying to make your own hair grow like others, because you know lots of people will tell you how fast their hair have grown, how soft it is, this and that but will never tell you the secret behind it.

For me, I naturally have lots of hair so when I tell people what I use on my hair, I explain to them that all they need is patience and also rounding it up with (but please don’t compare my hair to yours)  I will not tell you or assure you that you will have my kind of hair texture, if you use what I use but these things have worked for me.

Now let’s get down to business. I started my natural hair journey in 2016 although I don’t see much difference on my hair but I feel it when people tell me “wow your hair is so full, soft, what do you use on it?”
Basically what I apply on my hair are things that I know truly well that are medicinal in nature e.g neem oil (dogoyaro leaf), onion, ginger, honey, egg, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and water. I use water most times because my hair is very think but with regular water on it I just rock it without going to the saloon.
How to use the list things
• Get your neem leaf, grind it and when you are done squeeze out the water add coconut oil or olive oil, put it in a low heat pan stir until the oil turns green. Leave it to cool then apply it on your hair as often as you like, for better result you can use it two times in a week, do this and thank me later.
• Or if you think neem is a bit stressful to get, try onion and ginger grind both of them, squeeze out the juice and mix properly, and apply it on your hair for better growth, thick and shinny hair (it is also used to prevent dandruff).
• Also try egg with coconut oil or olive oil. Mix both and apply it on your hair for amazing result, do it over night. When you have finished applying it on your hair use shower cap to cover your hair. Do it in a way that the egg and oil will not leak out from your head. Rinse in the morning and expect good result. For faster result you can use it two to three times a week.
• Honey like we know is widely used by so many people but some people don’t know what honey does apart from using honey when we eat , we can as well use it on our hair to repair some dead cells. Basically honey is medicinal in nature but. What we are talking about here is what helps hair grow faster, so for hair dandruff you can just make a mix of ginger and honey, apply it on your hair and leave it for about 1:30 minutes then wash off and you will feel released from the bondage of dandruff and hair breakage.

Try these things and share with me your result.

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