How to make your beauty blender last longer

The beauty blender has found its way into the makeup kits of artists, actresses, and almost every woman the world, which makes it an important piece of makeup tool.

The million dollar questions now are how can you make the beauty blender last longer? And for how long can you get away with using the same one?

Making your beauty blender last longer

Ideally, you should replace the beauty blender every other month but taking pains to care for your sponge properly, can stretch its life closer to three months instead of just one.

To achieve this, while the Beautyblender sponge is damp (with makeup just after use), cover it completely in liquid cleanser before rinsing with warm water.

You can also use a bar cleanser/soap or shampoo to wash off the excess makeup on the sponge then rinse with warm water.

Squeeze gently to dry the sponge and roll off on a towel or tissue paper.

Make sure to store your Beautyblender away from other makeup tools. Many people don’t realize that the outer packaging for their beauty blender is actually meant to be saved as it protects the sponge and can even house it when the tool is damp and there are holes [in the case] that allow air to pass through.

You must dispose of the beauty blender when…

  • It’s starting to deteriorate: Since its signature egg shape is one of the key benefits, you’re doing yourself a disservice by using a mangled version.
  • You’re having acne breakouts for “no reason”: Apart from things like stress and hormones, a breakout or acne can be caused if you haven’t been cleaning and storing your Beautyblender properly. Gunk and bacteria can build-up on a neglected sponge and in turn, end up on your face.
  • It remains discoloured, even after you wash it: Of course, the vibrant colour of your beauty blender will face a bit because of regular use but if makeup remnants have clouded the sponge entirely, it’s time for a replacement. Else, the buildup may cause subsequent makeup to appear discoloured, especially if you use the same sponge for everything from foundation to blush.

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