How to match your sunglasses with your face shape

I was passing by a shop in Yaba when my ears picked something that caught my attention.

“Baby, jus look this mirror see as this eyeglass be like sey na your face dem make am for”

A sunglasses seller and his cohorts were trying so hard to convince this beautiful girl with an oblong face that the small rectangular-framed sunglasses was the perfect fit for her face.

But the thing is, this lady was looking like Wesley Snipes in the first picture below – you know, you watched “Blade” right? Yes, that guy. Only this time, the fairer version of him.

Though I couldn’t save the girl from buying that thing she was convinced was the best choice for her face, because I wasn’t ready to be gang beaten, I could help you make better choices when next you want to rock your sunglasses or see the need to buy.
Sunglasses is one of those accessories that could light up your outfit if matched properly.
The main secret is understanding what category your face shape belong to and picking something that complements your face shape.

(1) Round:

The length and breadth of this face shape are almost the same. The striking features are a wide forehead and fullness below cheekbones.

So, the right sunglasses should be anything that isn’t round that will even out the roundness and create a balance.

Wayfarers, Shield and square frames generally are a perfect choice for this shape.

(2) Square:

Like the round face shape, the length and breadth of this face are almost equal but this time, the cheekbones and jaw are more pronounced and angles, more visible.

You don’t want to make your face look like a box by wearing sunglasses that are square or rectangular, instea,d you wear something that adds a little bit of roundness to your face and compliments your cheekbones and stout jawline.

Aviators, butterflies and round glasses generally are perfect for your face.

(3) Diamond:

People with this face shape are characterized to have wide cheekbones, narrow chin and forehead.

If you have this face shape, avoid glasses with thick frames that adds mass to the already wide cheekbones, instead, wear something oval that evens out your prominent facial feature and gives you a dashing look.

Aviators, rimless butterflies and a round pair of  sunglasses will be just fine.

(4) Heart

You know you have a heart shaped face when you have a wide forehead that connects symmetrically to a relatively narrower chin.

The secret is to wear a glass that aligns with your facial structure, that is a sunglasses witha wide upper part and narrow lower part.

Cat-eye, Club master and aviators are just perfect.

(5) Oval

The category of people that falls under this are characterized to have Longer/Slimmer face  and jaw narrower than the cheekbones – Something like the shape of an egg.

Anything goes with this face. Just wear something that is proportional to your face.

(6) Oblong

If you have a very long and narrow facial structure, then you most likely fall under this category.

What you should be aiming at achieving is creating an illusion of a slightly rounder face and fuller cheekbones, because your face is already thin and adding some mass won’t be bad at all. By all means, avoid small frames.

Whatever category your fall under, You can still rock your matching sunglasses and look fly. Whatever you do, make sure the sunglasses of your choice is proportionate to your face – If you have a big face wear something big and vice versa.

I hope you found this helpful.

Stay stylish. Stay woke.

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