How to switch up your personal space

Light it up perhaps

By Fehinti Ojelabi

Is your room décor looking stale, boring or just downright pale? Well why don’t you add some color or shake things up a bit? A room should always be inspiring and serene to compliment your personality and lifestyle. Our personal taste should  reflect in our personal space whether its pop culture, fashion, and a luxury lifestyle that we adore we could implement them into the decoration. For ideas you could flip through magazines, blogs, Pinterest or Instagram.

Lava Lamp

The first thing to do would be to pick a theme then section the room into parts and figure out how to re-arrange the fixtures and furniture. Then decide if you’re bringing the outdoors indoors or if you’re a “less is more” kind of person.

Starry Lights

You should light up the place using lamps, disco lights, lava lamps, electric candles, candles, starry lights around the room.

Wall papers are a good way to bring patterns to the room

Magazine Covers pasted everywhere can bring depth and dimension

Diffusers to give your room scent

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Paste them or string them, hang them or put them in DIY frames.

Bean bags, stools or couches

Vintage Posters or vinyl’s

Plants that have an indoor lifespan

Painting the 4 walls different colors could spice it up too

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