Kitchen Hack 101: Simple ways to store and preserve food


You may be badass with keeping your kitchen organized with everything in place and all that, but have things a tad difficult when it comes to food storage and preservation especially the organic and perishable ones. These methods will help keep you sane and save you money, time, stress and foodstuff.

Food Storage

1.Keep potatoes white

Cover shredded or diced potatoes with cold water before cooking to prevent it from turning to that gross grayish/brown caused by the release of a starch that makes them oxidize. This same method goes for yam too.

2. Slow down rotting

Storing fresh tomatoes at room temperature rather than in the fridge makes the tomato fruits last longer. Also, keep them with the stem attached and facing the stem end downwards to prevent them from spoiling as quickly. This prevents air from entering and moisture from exiting the scar where the tomato was once attached to the vine.

3. Give bananas a longer life

Keep bananas fresher, longer by wrapping the end of the bunch with plastic wrap like polythene bag. Better yet, separate each banana. The plastic wrap blocks ethylene gases from releasing out of the stem, consequently ripening the fruit too fast.

4. Speed up ripening

Be a total magician and transform a banana from green to yellow or a pear from crunchy to mushy all with the help of a paper bag. When a fruit is stored in the bag, concentrated ethylene gas helps it ripen faster.

5. Save cut fruit from turning brown (discolouration)

You have probably heard that a little squeeze of lemon juice can keep apple slices from looking unappetizing. A mixture of one part honey to two parts water works much the same to keep fruit from turning brown. The citric acid and vitamin C in lemon juice, as well as a peptide in honey, slow down the oxidation process that causes discoloring.

6. Prevent brown sugar from hardening

Help brown sugar stay soft and scoopable by keeping an orange peel or a slice of apple along with the sugar into an airtight container. For a quick fix, microwave brown sugar next to a small glass of water. The moisture within the microwave will help break up the block of sweetener.

7. Avoid plastic wrap disasters

Tired of getting your plastic wrap wrangled? Store the roll of plastic/nylon wrap in the fridge first, so that when you are ready to use them, you will do so with less hassle. Chilling the wrap beforehand makes it easier to transport it from the roll to your bowl.

8. Get creative with covering food

Shower caps are known for hair hacks, but their usage is not. Cover leftover food with a fresh cap (right in the dishes) to avoid contamination from bugs and germs. The caps are reusable and a whole lot easier than repeatedly removing and replacing plastic wrap or tin foil. Just be sure to keep them clean and dry after each use, you can as well stash it in the fridge too.

I bet these hacks just made your life easier!

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