Is farming the next stop for Sim Shagaya?

For the founder and former CEO of Konga, Sim Shagaya, farming seems to be the next stop as evident in his recent tweets. Shagaya was until earlier this year the chairman of Konga. In a recent tweet, Shagaya pointed out meeting people that gave up a white-collar job for farming.

The current header photo on his Twitter account is a picture of him with some kids on a farm.

Simdul Shagaya spoke recently at an interactive session with young entrepreneurs in Jos. According to the Independent, while he encouraged them to consider agriculture he also announced his readiness to assist young and talented Youths of Plateau and other Nigerian Youths who are talented entrepreneurs in the country.

He said,“I am encouraging our youths to go into agriculture as it is capable of tackling poverty and making our youths productive.”

Shagaya has the funds and entrepreneurial skills to successfully play in the agriculture sector, either on the farm or along the agricultural value chain.

Although not much has been said concerning his future endeavours since the exit from Konga, his activities, however, has been pointedly leaned in the direction of agriculture. Sharing a post recently about the federal government’s activities to shut down the borders to rice smuggling, he supported the shutdown and subsequently appreciated the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh.

If people like him (who have the resources, opportunity and are at liberty to chose which pie they want to dip their hands into) are interested in agriculture, then, the country may be finally headed in the much talked about diversified economy.

There have been calls for the diversification of the economy for a couple of years and farming remains one of the promising sectors that are at the forefront of replacing oil in Nigeria.

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