Let’s talk about our religious organizations- Anomuogharan Tanrose

So somebody was complaining about religious organizations and how they are setting us apart rather than bring us together in love as human beings and I gave my opinion. Somebody that thought he knows me well said, “Tanrose, I don’t understand you these days. You are speaking like you are not a Christian. What church do you attend? Do you even attend a church at all? If you do you won’t be saying this shit.”

Oh yes, I do! I attend a church. It’s my Bible and its enough to make me a Christian. These days, I rather read the Bible myself and follow what it says than to follow an organization in the name of a Church with principles set up by its general overseer on how to please GOD.

Fine, as humans we have always wanted this connection with our creator who is supposed to be all loving and caring hence, different ideologies on how to do that spring up. I think they should make us love one another more, not set us apart from one  another.

From the beginning, man has always wanted to rule man and tell them how to live their lives, which is still a major problem till date.  Our so called religious leaders read our religious books and interpreted it to favor themselves in the past. It led to revolts that birthed several religious groups that brought the truth to life, and it dawned on all that they were being deceived. Same thing that led to that revolt is happening today in the form of indoctrination, that is setting us apart.

If we have only one creator, how come they are so much disagreement between our various religious groups that is setting us apart? Today, we have the faithful and unfaithful in every religious group. Those that are following the truth that bring us together to love one another and coexist peacefully as humans and those that say that their way is the only way to reach our creator, any other way leads to eternal destruction.

Rather than teach which one is better, I think every religious group that truly speak the mind of the creator should teach us how to love our fellow humans and make the world a better place , peaceful and fair to live in. The world is already hard enough for everyone that we don’t need to let religion set us apart. Rather, it should bring us together in love and one mind that pleases our creator.

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Have you ever taken your time to wonder why we have so many religious organizations yet the world is growing more evil everyday? It’s because we have failed as humans in the aspect of valuing the Truth. We rather be told what pleases us hence, we close our ears and luck our thinking capacity. The heart of man is wicked, why we need to be open to the truth and question everything we are told with love and openness.

Today, devoted religious people fear the devil more than GOD because so many religious beliefs spread what the devil can do to us and how he is so much responsible for all the bad things we go through in the world, forgetting that no one has seen the devil in person doing evil to any man. It’s us humans that harm ourselves. If only we can concentrate these messages with which we cause fear to ourselves and take advantage of the ignorance of many with which we enrich our pockets, to spread love for one another as the key to reaching the heart of the creator, the world would be a better place to dwell in.

Women are craving every day for equal rights and treatment with men hence, leading to various feminists groups around the world, none is present in our religious organizations. Is this not a way of saying the discrimination of women by our religious organizations is right. Women are not allowed equal rights with men in an organization that is suppose to be fair and treat everyone equal like our creator sees us, what do you expect outside?

They say women can’t teach on the altar for its a sacred place and women are not suppose to teach men for men are superior. Organizations that support women teaching on the altar are condemned as doing the wrong thing. I say if the equal right campaign and fight must workout it must start from our religious organizations. Women should start having  the respect we get as men. That’s how organizations that project our creator and HIS will for us should be run. They should be an example of what the creator desire for every one. Rather than make us better, religion is tearing us apart. I could go on and on pointing out the various ways our religious organizations have failed us but they say two heads are better than one. I will like to know your views on the changes we can make in our religious organizations to make the world a better place. Feel free to correct my views if you think am wrong.


Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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