#ManCrushMonday- Noble Igwe

Our Man Crush today is the very brave Noble Igwe!

Our Man Crush today is the very brave Noble Igwe!

Noble Igwe became famous after he started his entertainment and music website, 360 nobs. He is also a pioneer fashionista in Nigeria.

Over the weekend, Noble Igwe came under heavy criticisms and insults because he spoke up against credit card fraud, a.k.a yahoo yahoo after EFCC raided a popular club in Lagos.

Noble Igwe twitted that the EFCC should go after some business which are used as fronts for these illegal money. You would think people would support him, but the social media mob came for his head with many calling him stupid while others actively supported credit card fraud.

Credit card fraud began in the early 2000s as many people began to use the internet in Nigeria, it is has now been so ‘normalized’ that a huge chunk of the population, especially young people think it is right to steal other people’s money.

Although the mob kept insulting Noble Igwe for calling out fraudsters and thieves, Noble stood his ground insisting that Yahoo yahoo is fraudulent and those who do it are thieves.

Well done Noble Igwe for speaking out the truth and standing by it.

Credit card fraud, Yahoo yahoo is a crime!

credit: Instagram.com/noble_igwe

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