#ManCrushMonday: The Afro king, Ade Bantu

Ade Bantu is an award-winning Nigerian-German musician, producer and social activist known widely for his Afrofunk, Afrobeats, Fuji and Dancehall music styles.

His full name is Adegoke Odukoya and he was born on born 14 July 1971 in Wembley, England (to a German mother and a Nigerian father) and has been actively into music and activism since 1989.

Ade Bantu is the front man of the 13 piece band, BANTU and he is one of the duos who created the monthly concert series and music Festival Afropolitan Vibes in 2013 ( a live music concert series & annual music festival in Lagos, Nigeria; a platform to showcase alternative music by Ade Bantu and Abby Ogunsanya). Adé Bantu is also the founder of the Afro-German musical collective Brothers Keepers. His band BANTU received the Kora Award (the Pan-African equivalent of the Grammy) for their album “Fuji Satisfaction” in 2005.

Some of the other awards received by our man today include the Nordrhein Westphalia Cultural Prize in 1997 for the Hip-hop musical “Coloured Children” a piece he wrote and co-directed with Anita Berger. With Brothers Keepers, he was awarded the 1LIVE Krone Radio Award for “Adriano (die Letzte Warnung)” in the category “Best Single of the year 2001”.

Some of the people and bands he has worked with over the years are Exponential Enjoyment a German hip-hop bandwith Goldlover D (Sini Demir) in 1989, Weep Not Child in 1993 another band and their music clip “Je Ka Bere” was featured in the European campaign of Media Against Racism. In 1996 Adé was invited by Jan Ü Krauthaeuser to contribute to the Cologne Carnival music compilation “Humba 2” after which the Bantu Crew his present band was formed.

BANTU’s debut album was “Fufu” which was an instant success in Nigeria earning them two radio hit singles “Nzobu” & “Fire Inna Dancehall”. In 2000 after a wave of racist motivated violent attacks on foreigners which climaxed in the killing of Alberto Adriano, Adé Bantu set up the Afro-German musical collective Brothers Keepers. Their song “Adriano (die letzte Warnung)” (Adriano the final warning) was released in 2001. It became an anti-racism anthem selling well over 220,000 copies and making it to the Top 5 of the German pop charts. An album titled “Lightkultur” was released as well as a Sisters Keepers single “Liebe und Verstand” (Love & Understanding).

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