Most heart melting story ever

14years after and this hurt is as fresh as ever.

I woke up this morning and I knew something was wrong. So I called my mum to check on her, she picked the call but was crying. I asked what was wrong and she said ‘it’s nothing” After the call I realised today makes it 14years since I lost my dad. I couldn’t stop my own tears, it hurt me more today than it did in the last 13yrs.

Daddy, every friend of yours abandoned us after you left. They promised us a lot during your burial but fulfilled none. One of them you called a brother delayed your pension and gratuity for about 4yrs because he made advances at mum but mum turned him down. So he chose to withhold your money and left your family hungry for a while. Even those you took as brothers, who you helped with school fees, masters, NYSC posting and secured lucrative jobs for them in NNPC and other oil companies don’t take our calls anymore. But fortunately, we don’t even need them.

Daddy, after you left we lost our house and every property we had to an unexplainable fire outbreak and we were displaced and homeless for a while. Friends and family didn’t turn up, but total strangers did. God bless them.

Daddy, we got your pension and gratuity 7yrs after you were gone. And we got a decent home with it. Even in your absence, you kept providing. THANK YOU DAD.

Daddy, I am now a father. My son, your grandson looks so much like you. And coincidentally today makes him 1yr and 7months old. It pains me so much you didn’t get to see him. I look after him very well, because I learnt from the BEST.

Mummy spent the entire day crying. Since you have been gone she has done an amazing job looking after the five of us. She sold off all the cars and her gold jewelries so she could pay our fees. It was really tough dad, but mum took all the pain to give us comfort.

14years after, and your good name still open doors for me. Your Queen and your five children really miss you. If there is another life I pray God still makes you my father, and bless you with long life. You left us too soon. 48years was just too soon for death to take you away. Shame on death, it took you away but not your good name, and legacy. I am no more that troublesome, proud, and naughty son you left. I am now a fine young man. Caring, humble, friendly, and with a heart beating for God and humanity like yours. I am no more the one who starts the fight, but rather the one Who preaches peace.

RIP Engr Godwin Iwezor. Till we meet to part no more. Love you daddy. Sleep on.

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