Romeo and Juliet: my boo and bae

Romeo is big but calm. Quiet, rarely barks. He’s okay if you don’t give him too much attention.

Juliet is crazy. She’s always barking, about nothing and everything. She’s jealous. If you call Romeo, whether, for food or to cuddle, she rushes there and barks Romeo away. Romeo is bigger but he caves in every time.

Earlier today, it was feeding time. Juliet has poured sand into her plate. She’s quite stubborn. One fish is served inside Romeo’s plate, Juliet barks and rushes to eat it. Romeo barks and stops her. Everyone stops what they’re doing to watch them. It’s the first time Romeo retaliates back. They stay in combat mood for minutes, both barking and growling, we hold our breaths, watching out for who’ll back down first.

Juliet backs down.

Romeo gulps the fish in one swallow. Juliet just watches on in anger. Her plate is washed and her fish served, but she’s still angry at Romeo. Romeo is oblivious to her stares. He just continues eating.


Life is interesting.

We have people like Romeo. They allow you have your way in almost everything but there are issues they’ll put their feet down and say No and stick to their opinion to the end.

Don’t be like Juliet. You can’t have your way every time. You won’t always be right. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Give people the opportunity to express themselves.

Sometimes, be the first to say sorry even if you’re not in the wrong. You don’t have to win an argument every time.  Every fight is not for you to fight. Heck! Some fights are not even worth it. Pick a struggle. Select your fights.

Learn how to say No and stand your ground, I promise you, it will save you. Some people can take advantage of your kind heart and gentle soul. Don’t allow them to. Learn to say No. It doesn’t make you a bad person it just makes you principled.

My name is Joy and I’m in love with Romeo and Juliet.

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