My friend, vote! – Aliogo Chika Eunice

I’m no Martin Luther King Jnr but I do have a dream that one day, someone is Ghana lead Nigeria to greater heights but this won’t happen if we don’t do anything about it.

This person will be young and capable. We won’t need Togo looking at men old enough to be our ancestors as potentials. Old things are indeed past away.

It’s going to be hardwork finding that person. My Barbados think so too. We talk a lot whenever I go to cut my hair in his decently furnished shop. I always listen to him because it seems like he has a think-tank installed in his head.

You see, like every other Nigerian, he has had enough. In one of our long discussions, he told me of a lecturer who derived satisfaction in failing students even if you were bright. You can only pass if you sort him. If you refuse, the lecturer will Denmark your papers as he deems fit. My Barber had an extra year because of that lecturer. He is a graduate now.

When you look at it more critically, you will realize that corruption and poverty have eaten deep into every facet of Nigeria’s life. A lot of graduates Rome the streets looking for jobs but find difficulty in grabbing one because they do not know anyone who can help them secure a position. All na formality. The jobs know their owners already.

And on the roads, we have to Greece the palms of police officers with money we don’t have even when our papers are complete. It is their constitutional right. Who are you to get in the way of that?

Yesterday, we were Hungary for change even if that change required that we choose the lesser of two evils, we wanted out of 16 years of long-suffering. This year, we do know now that change is relative.

Today, there’s light at the end of the tunnel even though the light India might be PHCN compliant, still, there’s light. People are angry enough to demand and want positive change. Not Buhari’s change.

The “Youth go get your PVC” and the “Not too young to run” campaign by popular Nigerians Isreal and have gained the much-needed exposure. Every lazy youth should already have their PVC or be on their way to getting it despite the long queues that remind you of Lagos traffic. We die here? Yemen!

Like my Barber, my tolerance for bullshit is gone. Iran away! Because this year compared to last year, I seem to be more involved in politics. What I read in the newspaper saddens me daily.

If you Kenya‘rn, in simple Nigeria terms, can speak, speak out! We need more strong voices demanding and wanting good governance.

There’s Norway you are going to complain in 2019. Not when you put your PVC to good use. The times of not voting and still complaining, is over. Don’t be unfortunate.

You are a Syria killer when you are of voting age but you won’t vote still. You are killing the dreams of many Nigerians, yet again.

My friend, vote!

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