Myths and truths about weight loss you should know

It’s more than just getting your summer body

The holidays are over and so many of us have added a few more pounds than we intended so it’s back to the gym, and diet plans to cut off the excess weight. Right? Losing weight is more than just getting your summer body it is really an all year kind of body.

Now, the first step is preparing yourself mentally for a long term plan because if not you’ll end up giving up half way. I’m sure we’ve all tried different methods, seen results or no results at all. You’d be surprised what works and what doesn’t, here are some shocking myths and truths:

Myths: Losing weight fast – No, slowly but surely.

In the long run keeping weight off is a constant process of slowly pushing and sticking to routines. In rare cases you see results almost immediately, slimmer faces, less fat rolls, faster metabolism but essentially it is hard to maintain weight loss.

Truths: Successful weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise.

Start with small changes like smaller portions or cycling every weekend. To lose weight you need to burn more calories than what you consume. The best way to achieve this is eating fruits and vegetables, eating less, more water, lots of cardio and a mixture of all.

Myths: Drinking Tons of Water helps you Lose Weight.

Unfortunately No, this doesn’t work. Water keeps you hydrated and makes you full. May or may not help you snack less, it is also crucial to your well-being and health. Sometimes we think we’re hungry when we aren’t. Water plays a role in keeping us in check because thirst makes us snack more.

Truths: Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Sleep is a vital part of our well-being that is often disregarded. When you aren’t well rested your hormone cortisol levels increase and this stress is often related to weight gain.

Myths: Cutting snacks will assist your weight loss

It really depends on the type of snack and replacing them and timing. Snacking on some chocolates at 10pm isn’t going to do you any good. Choose fruits or yogurt or nuts instead of gummies and crisps.

Truths: Take your time and chew.

There’s a tendency for mindful eaters to eat less, chewing slow makes you more full.

Eating slow suppresses a hormone called ghrelin that controls hunger. Our calorie control and appetite are managed by hormones. Pay attention to your body.

Myths: Slimming Teas and pills work magic.

This is false. We often see celebrities thank slimming teas and pills and we rush to stores to purchase our own, most of these celebs go to beauty surgeons to get work done on their body. Not all slimming pills are safe and not all have a direct impact on fat reduction. There’s a possibility that pills or tea block absorption of fat and cause regular bowel movements.

Truths: Meal Prep and Homemade Lunches.

Try to eat out less, it can be very tempting. Meal prep and making healthy homemade meals have a tendency to suppress impulse eating of unhealthy foods. Portion control, low-calorie recipes and nutrition analysis will help you access tour diet plan and carry it out more effectively.

Myths: Carbs are bad for you.

According to the New England journal of medicine it has been scientifically proven that a low-calorie diet can help people lose weight. A factual truth surrounding this myth is that processed carbohydrates including sugar and grains are associated with weight gain. Nevertheless this doesn’t imply that carbohydrates cause weight gain but people should limit calorie intake and increase high protein intake.

Truths: Set realistic goals and weigh yourself regularly

Be patient changes takes time and your body needs to adjust to your new habit and healthy lifestyle. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep track of your progress by keeping notes and weighing yourself often.

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