#NotesToBeNoted: I am in love- Olamiposi Omoyele


Notes to be noted I’m in love with a man that has a drive that drives insanity crazy. I don’t know if that   makes sense. No, I’m not showing him to the world just yet or gonna continue singing about him but for tonight, allow me talk about how I love this man.

I appreciate the fact that there are guys out there who would love to be in his shoes, but no, thank you. Your legs can’t fit. A man who has seen the horrible part of my act and still chose to stick, a man who puts God first and others before him, a man who loves this girl and almost all she loves, a man whose believe in me is a motivation in itself, an idea bank and vision evangelist. I could go on and on about the man I’m in love with without getting tired.

I love the fact that I love him, and that love isn’t built on the wings of emotions alone, but a meager of reality and all that living entails. Our love is not one that waits for the night before reaching out, rather, it is one that calls at 13:00hrs to talk about how significant we are in our worlds and how we effect changes. It keeps a note to be noted.  Drops a message at 02:18hrs to analyze the new start ups and calls at midday to whine about how much distance is a female dog.

Ife mi, you’re my favorite place in the world. My happy destination and charming prince. I love how we make things happen and our responsiveness to life. This is a note for the moment and to reiterate the fact that I’m happy in what we share.

My friend, partner and lover, you mean so much to me.

This is me thinking about you.   #FindingThePen #Yele

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