Our Meaningless Existence- Kayode Ipadeola

Our Meaningless Existence

So I sat down the other day wondering why most things are the way they are, although I did my utmost best in ascertaining some answers to some odd facts, nevertheless, none provided a spotless truth, neither was there any genuine  reason close enough to backup all meaningless assumptions.

Maybe it really wasn’t as meaningless as I’d defined it? After all it had been concluded that we live in a spherical world. Although, the depth of genuineness of this deduction itself remains shallow to a curious one like myself, still; I refuse to be bought so cheaply, but I hesitantly admit based on it scientific approval. They seemed like the gods of our time though.

But the question is: Are these theories really correct? Are those scientific conclusions really true? if yes, then how correct are they?

How are we sure they are correct?

How sure are we that they have proven the right thing?

What’s there to prove anyway?

Why prove what wasn’t created by anyone?

Are these so called scientist the masters of the universe?

Are they creators? No!

That is the real answer, I can boldly answer that at least. No scientist has ever created anything, they are all mere inventors; all merely working on things that had already been created by a supernatural-extraordinary force they know not nor see not.

Call me weird, call me mysterious, call me possessed, in fact call me crazy or whatever you wish. I concur to all abnormalities and accept all absurd names. After all, I have never truly know who I am, neither have you. Chew that.

We all live ‘zombily’ (don’t even dare google that); but I am sure you understand what I meant, but incase you don’t, just like zombies, we live our daily life, all converged in a box of routine. All our daily acts had all been scripted down from far ages, none of us is courageous enough to live a desired life. Expecially on this planet earth, nothing is done differently or uniquely; we are all actors and actresses all playing a role, one that had being written for us by our ancestors or current ones.

I stand to be quered on this note, I stand to be questioned, I stand to be corrected and dealth with if my theories are incorrect!

It’s time we all seat and query certain things that had been deemed reality for far too long. Let’s ask questions like; how come the wicked ones seem to be doing fine and much better than those that are good?

How come these same categories of people tend to live longer than the good or almost good ones?

How are we sure that those things we tag good are the main good?

Why are some wealthy while others are dead broke?

How come certain people commit a grave crime and still get away with it majestically?

How come others barely commit a crime and get tamed and paid dearly for it?

Why do some grow old before dying while others die at a very young age? Just ask, ask, ask. What answer can you give to all these? How many of such questions can you answer? Who helped you answer them? Was the reply able to justify the questions sincerely?

Think, think.. then you’ll see how much of a zombie you are.


Who are the zombies; We. Yeah, we are the zombies; we live in accordance with what we are taught and based on what we hear. Just as they’ve already convinced us that the world we live in is spherical so is our life. It only revolves in a circle.

If you dare wish to break free from this zombiness in you, then you might well be en route to breaking free from every mental bondage that had been holding you down for ages and years.

Firstly, there is a need to admit that you will never understand why most things are the way they are, then you must conclude that no matter the answer you get to any of the above rhetorical questions it will never convince you neither will it quench your taste of knowing the truth. What does this mean; you just have to live freely and not like others, embrace your gift of freewill and never let anyone reconfigure your mindset. But what do you do when your mind has already been configured; of course it had already been configured for many years.  But now, you don’t have to live in it anymore. You’re en-route to breaking free, and thats the number one belief you should embrace hard. It’s your first get-away clause from those mental bondages.

Also, there is a dire need that you started thinking differently; belive in only what you wish to belive in. Never let any one convince you other wise. Let not any religious leader dictate how you peruse your life. No one should architect your path for you. They know no better than you do. I am sorry to say, they are the major zombies. Anyone that teaches you how to live your life is a head zombie. Listen not to such lies, my dears. You’ve been living in accordance with their talks for ages, what has been your major achievement and accomplishment? It’s time you started living your own life the way you want it, and not by living life the way others says you should live it. For the truth is already engraved in your heart since birth. Search deeply for it and you will find it present.

SHALOM! (whatever they say it means), I careless!

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