5 Romance novels you should read this February

5 Romance novels you should read this February

The romance novel genre of fiction has produced some of the best stories ever written and made into movies. There are so many all-time great romance stories that authors have written all over the years, some of which have been made into movies.

Since it is the month of February, the month of love, we have carefully selected some of the best love stories written, from Jane Austen to E.L James, there is something for everyone in this collection.

Here are five romance novels you should read before the month runs out

Pride and Prejudice is an 1813 classic novel by Jane Austen. It tells the story of a young girl, Elizabeth Bennet who learns the error of making hasty judgments and comes to appreciate the difference between the superficial and the essential. It is also a novel about the importance of marrying for love, not just for money and also resisting societal pressure to marry because one is getting older.


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This Chimamanda Adichie novel is a book about many things- hair, immigration, Lagos and also about Love. The main characters in the novel, Ifemelu and Obinze fell in love while they were still teenagers. Life would take them to different places in life but after decades, the lovers would find themselves again even if Obinze is married.

Fifty Shades of Grey

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This is one of the most erotic books of the decade. It is a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey who is into BDSM and had a lot of issues of abuse to unpack.

A walk to Remember

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This 1999 novel by Nicolas Sparks set in 1958–1959 in Beaufort, North Carolina, is a story of two teenagers who fall in love with each other despite the disparity of their personalities.

Love in the time of Cholera

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This is a 1985 novel by Colombian Nobel prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez. The book is about two young lovers Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza who in love in their youth but Fermina was pressued and persuaded by her father to marry a richer man which she did. Florentino vows to remain faithful to her and he did until her husband dies after almost 50 years of marriage and the lovers married in their old age.

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