Should I tell my partner everything about my past?- Okolie Samuel

Traumatized Wife

They have been married for over 10 years now.

They loved each other, especially the wife. Had a big wedding and have been living happily for over 10 years.

One day a knock was heard on the door and the wife went to answer the door.

At the door, she met a very handsome guy standing.

“Hi ma’am,” the guy said, “I have come to see my dad.”

“First of all, the wife replied,” who are you? And secondly your dad don’t live here.”

“Ma’am, according to the address, my dad lives here.”

“Wait a minute, let’s start all over again. My husband is so so and so. He’s my husband for the last 10 years now.”

“I know ma’am, that’s my daddy.”

“That is impossible! HE NEVER TOLD ME about having children in another country.”

“Ma’am, look at me carefully.”

She looked at him and he looks just like her husband. There’s a striking resemblance.

She slammed the door on the guy, ran back into the house weeping and screaming went to her husband and said, “YOU DID NOT TELL ME. There is a young man at the door who said he’s your son. Please, tell me that this is a lie!”

The husband fell on his knees and said, “Honey, forgive me I DIDN’T TELL YOU EVERYTHING.”

She can’t take this heartbreaking and betraying revelation, consequently she filed for a divorce. Fortunately, she met someone in a conference with her divorce papers who talked to and counselled her and her marriage was restored.

I want to draw an issue with this TRUE LIFE STORY…

Please, tell your partner EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PAST to avoid stories that touch like the one above. I mean put yourself in that scenario and know how it feels.

By “EVERYTHING” I don’t mean to say unnecessary things that won’t affect the marriage on the long run if eventually discovered. But if you feel like telling, I don’t object to that, either.

Tell your partner EVERYTHING you did in the past which can affect your marriage in the future.

If you contracted HIV /AIDS as a result of having sex or whatever, tell your partner.

If you can’t conceive as a result of multiple abortions that damaged your womb, tell him.

If you can’t impregnate her, tell her.

If you have an infection, tell your partner.

If you have married before, tell.

If you have children or a child, tell.

Anything at all that can destroy your marriage if eventually discovered, please tell.

When should I tell?

When you are CERTAIN you both are getting married.


There is no point telling people up and down about your dark sides when you are not certain you both are getting married and also for conscience sake.

What if I tell my partner and he or she leaves?

It’s better. A broken courtship is always better than a broken marriage.

Moreover, you will have peace of mind having hidden nothing from him or her.

It shows that there’s still a remnant of humanity residence in you. Can you even begin to imagine the trauma that man put his lovely and unsuspecting wife into? He traumatized her!

Please tell to avoid traumatizing somebody, please.

Furthermore, anyone who can’t stand your past does not worth you. Who doesn’t have a dark side? They should be going.

Well, you can’t really blame them because past passes past.

No matter how painful it is, let them go. Someone that will stand your past will come and accept you like that.

Thanks for reading. Please share.

© Okolie Samuel

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