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Sometime last year, I went to a restaurant to get some food for my boss. There, I saw a family (a man with his wife and son). They came to eat. Mehn! you need to see what this man ordered for himself and wife. I was just salivating where I was standing waiting for my food to be microwaved. Please don’t call me long throat, I’m not o. I was just reacting naturally.

Now, I wasn’t salivating because I was hungry, no. As a matter of fact, I was just coming from where I went to eat myself before I was sent on that errand. I was salivating because the foods were just attractive and tempting. Be honest, if you were in my shoes, could you have done any better? Your answer is as good as mine. Well, this couple inspired this write up.

See, I have come to understand that one of the main reasons many marriages are breaking up daily, globally is because after marriage many couples ceased to do the things they used to do while they were still dating or courting.

They tend to feel relaxed and be at peace now, after all they’re off the market, little wonder after 2 to 3 years of marriage the thing become so boring and cheating probably may set in.

Before you married, you used to respect each other, you used to spend quality time with each other, you used to be considerate and understanding, you used to be sensitive to one another’s need, you used to fast and pray together, you used to go to church together, you used to deliberate on scriptures together, you used to go to functions together, see a movie together, eat out, you used to be romantic and do a whole lot of other things together but now all that have been sacrificed on the alter of marriage and you’re still wondering why your marriage is so boring. Sorry Sir. Sorry Ma.

Listen, after marriage, after you have gotten married, you need to start all over again. Woo your wife again. Don’t stop doing those things you both used to do while dating and courting. Create time, from time to time, go see a movie together, eat out, shot the gadgets off and spend quality time with each other, unplug sometimes!

These are the things that spices up marriage and make it satisfactory and fulfilling. It is what you do to climb up you will still need to do to stay up. Why do you think the rule will change now that you are up?

Go back to your drawing board. All those strategies you mapped out for wooing, start all over again with your wife. Go back to your former activities. Go on vacation if the means are there. Spice up your marriage!

Stop enduring your marriage. Start enjoying it.

Thanks for reading

#StartAllOverAgain© Okolie Samuel

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