Starting from the scratch isn’t such a bad idea

The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come”~ Unknown

Whether it’s a personal situation, business challenge, sudden illness of a relative, rough times happen with everyone.  It becomes impossible to keep being positive and remain strong. These changes end up leaving us vulnerable and confused.

We are all sensitive, even though we wish to be on tough skin all the time.  Sometimes minor setbacks can sink our self confidence and hold back our dreams. Imagine when we think we are ready to unleash those potentials, the universe has other plans.

A colleague recently confessed,

“Truly putting on that boss lady attitude in public wasn’t easy. No one knew I was going through lot of shits. I have gone through devastating heartbreak that left me shattered and locked up all day, no desire to hangout with my girls. They kept asking me reasons for the break up with Tade, I couldn’t come up with explaination to the unexpected separation. I was depressed”.

My heart immediately went out to her. She is beautiful and free hearted. But no matter her efforts,she doesn’t seem to get over the pitty party. She still can’t get back to the game.

I’ve learned that starting all over isn’t such a bad idea. There is no way you can see the end of a staircase without taking the first step.

Here are steps to help you start afresh and overcome those challenges and setbacks!!

Recognize you are in a situation and need to find a solution

No one is immune to problems, so facing and dealing with it is part of life for all of us.  You have got to recognise and acknowledge there is a problem.  This is the first step to healing and transformation. This can aid quick recovery, make us wiser and better. Make sure to leave no stones unturned. There is no room to hide and pretend it isn’t happening.

Give yourself time

We need to allow ourselves time to overcome and not rush. Getting impatient will only make things harder and will make the process longer than they need to be. Why don’t you focus and enjoy other things while allowing the setback to be resolved. This means making yourself happy instead of sulking and result to pitty party. I am also guilty!! Think back to happy memories and have faith of things falling in the right places again. Definitely time heal wounds.

Process your emotions

Having a confidant or someone to talk to about your reaction and actions can also help. Speak out when you feel like and try not to hold anything back. Avoid those who will give you the guilt trip. Even if the person doesn’t do anything, listening can help your state of mind. There is an old saying “one hand washes the other”, means you can also reciprocate when the other person have an issue too. There are also online communities you can be part of where you meet those that share common interests and problems with you. There you can learn and speak out.

Focus on the future and learn from experience 

You need to pick out the lessons from the encounter and move forward. By learning, you avoid taking same route and will avoid making same mistakes that led to the setbacks. From this lessons, you can set goals and bring something constructive out-of it.

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